1) How does Facebook Connect works?

You click on the button and you are redirected to Facebook to grant us permissions (email and manage pages). Then you are redirected back to the site, where you can access all your pages and configure each of them



2) Why do you need email permission?

Few reasons -
1) We have a large number of customers who have already created account with SocialAppsHQ. Your email allows us to tie up old and new accounts, so that you can manage your pages, any of your existing payment plan altogether
2) We send you a one-time registration email as well as in future, we will send you tips on how to improve your Facebook page adoption based on our broader learning

Rest assured, we will never sell or share your email information.



3) Why do you need "manage pages" permission?

So that we can easily allow you to configure pages vs having to manually add it. You can still do that but we highly discourage it.



4) What happened to my SocialAppsHQ login

It still works - just go to Signup or login and login with SocialAppsHQ account



5) I don't want another account, how do I combine two accounts into one?

We are expecting that will be the case. Please refer to How Admin account worksto combine various accounts that you have on SocialAppsHQ as well as your clients' accounts



6) I see that you are pulling my Facebook pages in the 'My Account' area automatically. But, some are still missing. Why?

These pages are probably already in our system and were registered with a different email account than your Facebook email account.

If you know the email account you registered this page with, please refer to How Admin account works to combine various accounts.
If you do not remember the email account you had registered with, just contact us and we will try our best to help you.



7) I don't want you to know which all pages I own. Please delete my account

No - you can unsubscribe from our email list so that you don't hear from us again. Also, we will never sell or share your contact information. But, we can't delete the accounts due to some crappy technical reasons.