You can manage the users on your platform by clicking on Registered Users/Manage Users

  • Registered Users: This section is visible to you if you have allowed users to register on your site. Here, you will see the details of the users who have registered on your white-label site. You will also be able to see your Commission account details.
  • Manage Users: If you do not allow user registration on your site, you can manage your client account on your own. When this option is selected (uncheck ‘Allow users to register on your site’), Manage users tab will be activated.

  Under this tab, you will find options to

  • Add a new client (Name, Log in email, Password and platform usage limits)
  • Assign platform usage limit to the clients( Monitoring mentions and profile limit, Facebook like limits)
  • Edit a client’s details (except login id) and platform usage limit.
  • Delete a client.

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