To setup your white labeled social media management platform, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your SocialAppsHQ account.
  2. Go to 'White Label' under 'Settings on the top right of the page.
  3. Enter the following details in the white-label settings
    • Site name: Your White-Label Website name
    • Website-address: You can host the white-label site on SocialAppsHQ’s subdomain or you can point your web domain to the site.
      • Host at SocialAppsHQ's subdomain: Enter <subdomain_of_your_choice> if you choose to host the site on SocialAppsHQ sub-domain
      • Host at your own web domain: Enter www.<your_web_domain> or <subdomain>.<your_web_domain> in the field which points to white-label site. To see instructions of setting up your web domain to point to your white label platform, click here
    • Support email: The email where you will get your support queries.(You can forward the queries to us)
    • Select the type of business you are and whether or not do you want to allow registration on your platform
      • For Bloggers/Affiliates -Keep "Allow users to register on site on their own?" option checked so that users can register themselves and pay for subscription. Please note that in this case all the billing to the client will be done by SocialAppsHQ and SocialAppsHQ will be mentioned on the invoices.
      • For Agencies - If you are a paying customer and want to maintain a single billing relationship with SocialAppsHQ, we highly recommend that you turn this off. You can setup your clients through ‘Manage Clients’ section and they can simply login. You can setup individual clients’ limit easily through the console based on your own payment plan.
      • If you allow registration on the site then user can register on your website, pay subscribe to an appropriate plan and you will get commission on monthly basis.
      • If you do not allow registration on the site then you can create users account and assign likes, monitoring mentions and profile limit to them by going to manage client section. Please note that the total likes, mentions and profiles depends on the plan you have subscribed to.
After Clicking on ‘Create’ button, you can now edit the user interface of your white-label platform. The instructions are shared here.

    If you face any issues with the product, do reach out to us. You can mail us at