White label platform uses LinkedIn API to do posts on LinkedIn via post planner and listen to Facebook via Social Media Monitoring tool. To create your Facebook API keys, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to https://www.linkedin.com/secure/developer?newapp=
  • Use the following settings to register your app
    1. Company Name: <Your_company_name>
    2. Application Name: <your_choice>
    3. Description: <your_choice>
    4. Website URL: <your_white_label_website>
    5. Category: Social Aggregation
    6. Live Status: Live
    7. Developer Contact Email: <your_email_address>
    8. Phone: <your_contact_number>
    9. Default Scope: r_basicprofile, r_network, rw_groups
    10. OAuth 1.0 Accept Redirect URL: https://www.<your_white_label_domain>/member/post_planner/linkedin_callback
    11. OAuth 1.0 Cancel Redirect URL: https://www.<your_white_label_domain>/member/post_planner/
    12. Agreement Language: <your_choice>
  • After registering your app, an API key and Secret key will be generated for you. 

  • Copy and paste the API key and Secret key on SocialAppsHQ’s White-label as discussed here

If you face any issues with the product, do reach out to us. You can mail us at support@socialappshq.com.