You can either use any sub domain of SocialAppsHQ e.g. or,
Point your own domain name to the platform e.g. In case you use your own domain, please do the following –

  1. Log in to your domain's control panel
  2. Locate the area to change your domain's DNS settings (Zone File)
  3. You can choose to point the whole website or just a sub-domain of your website to SocialAppsHQ
    1. To point your website to the white-label site, Create 3 A-Records with *, @ and ‘www’ pointing to point to SocialAppsHQ's IP address -
    2. To point a sub-domain to the white-label site, Add a CNAME entry with following details
      1. Host:<subdomain_your_choice>
      2. Points to: <>

Please refer to the image below for reference.

If you face any issues with the product, do reach out to us. You can mail us at